Dot is a Diabetes navigator and companion care-bot to help those who may be at-risk for Prediabetes and those who have Type 2 diabetes. Dot helps members navigate through GSC service offerings by providing recommendations to available programs and tools, offering daily support, and engaging members using insightful tips and motivational content – or Thoughts from Dot.

This will depend on the mobile phone plan package you have. Be sure to know your plan and what's included - how many minutes you have for incoming calls, how many text messages you can receive and send and how much data you can use during your billing cycle. If you are unsure of your plan or billing cycle, contact your mobile phone provider. Additional charges may be incurred, on your mobile phone, if you go over your minutes, allowed text messages or data.

The phone number you give us is where we will be sending reminders, educational and support messages to. If you would like to receive text messages you should enter your mobile number.

Depending on your email service (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail) you will need to change your Junk or SPAM options so that is added as an approved or safe sender to your list. To do this check your SPAM options or settings on your browser or email service provider.

Text messages are sent by SMS or Short Message Services. SMS is a general name for the technology which lets you receive short text messages to your mobile phones. If you own a mobile phone, chances are you have the ability to send and receive short text messages.

Text messages will come from (647) 559-2493. You can save this number into your phone as a contact: Dot the Diabetes CareBot or just Dot, so you know who the messages are from.

Most existing digital mobile phones (and Smartphone's) are capable of receiving messages. Some older phones may not allow sending of messages from your phone but you can still receive text messages. Consult your user manual for your phone or contact your mobile phone provider for details on using the Text Messaging capabilities of your particular phone.

1.When you receive a new text message reminder, you will get an alert to your phone (sound or vibration settings vary) and an envelope icon appears.
2.Open the message to read it and then scroll down to continue reading. Most phones have both sound and visual notifications when a message is received. The appearance of an envelope icon on your screen will also tell you that a message has been received. Consult your cellular phone’s user manual for more details on this and how to change the setting for notifications.

Yes you can cancel this service at any time. Simply reply STOP to a text message on your mobile phone Or go to the Unsubscribe page now.

The trivia contest will be held every Sunday night at 4pm. It will consist of 3 questions to test your knowledge on diabetes and to help us personalize your content. Points will be rewarded for participating and correct answers and will be tallied and added to the leaderboard.

You will be able to see the leaderboard by signing into the website and clicking on the Your Progress tab. The leaderboard will be updated allowing you to track your progress. Points will be awarded for sharing yours stories and tips, participating and answering questions during the trivia contests and engaging in the program by responding to check in/survey questions. Every Monday, you will receive a weekly email with the updated leaderboard.

You will be able to share stories and/or tips with other participants in two ways.
1.Signing into the website and click on the share your stories tab. There will be tiles for health, sleep, nutrition and more. Choose the tile your tip/story relates to. This will take you to a new page with some examples of previously shared content and a place to enter your story. Once you’ve finished sharing, click on the submit button.
2.Text #share to (647) 559-2493. This will start a conversation with Dot and you will be able to share your tips/story directly to Dot by text message. These stories and tips are meant to provide extra support and ways to help you learn how other participants are living with diabetes.

Tips and stories shared by other participants will be incorporated into your regular messages and/or available on the Your Community page the website. You will also be able to see new messages in your weekly emails on Monday

You will be able to communicate with Dot by texting # (hashtag) and a specific keyword to (647) 559-2493. The hashtags you can use are #help, #share, #test, #feedback and #motivate.

Text #help for a reminder on the available hashtags and what they’re for.
Text #share to be able to share your own tip and/or story with other participants.
Text #test if you are checking your blood glucose levels and want to track your numbers. We will include these in your weekly email.
Text #feedback to share your thoughts on the program and what we can do to improve it and Dot.
Text #motivate when you need some motivation to help you stay on track.

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